Welcome to ADDSEN - Sensible Innovation Management

Our services are designed to provide assistance to any institution dealing with the challenge of innovation. This need is omnipresent today - during the time of crisis (constant or instant, as you wish) only those survive, that are capable to stay on the edge of knowledge and performance.

The art of innovation is illustrated here by origami - pieces of paper shaped to represent various species of animals, plants and vehicles. They are still close to the original material (paper); just by adding the idea and proper plan they were allowed to be transformed in couple of moments by bare hands.

Similarly, we at ADDSEN believe, that every institution - private or public / large or small - has an immense potential for innovation. Combined with the skills of ADDSEN team, it can be utilised in more efficient and novel way, thus bringing expected benefits to stakeholders.

R&D Delivery

Looking for a specific competence in your collaborative project?
Need a reliable partner to bring the R&D
impact to Central Europe?

Besides R&D management, ADDSEN delivers tailored research and development activities. We mostly deal with studies, use cases, their validation and demonstration to potential users. ADDSEN can contribute to usable research results in domains of ICT / security / transport/ energy/ social sciences.

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Innovation Services

Overage of innovation that you need to structure and manage?
Or do you lack any, so there is a need to support their creation?

ADDSEN innovation management services bring added value in both cases. We help to define and implement innovation policy in organisations of any size or type - starting from SMEs, through enterprise size to universities. There is huge innovation potential in every branch of business. Follow the successful patterns!

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